Just how relaxing will your Spa Crest Hot Tub experience be? The answer lies in the targeted power of our state-of-the-art jets. From cluster jets, to directionals, foot specific jets, and more, each jet in a Spa Crest Hot Tub is designed to deliver the utmost in therapeutic massage. Here, we describe for you how each jet works and better yet, how each jet will fully enable you to feel relaxation!

Poly Storm Directional
This 3 1/2" jet is adjustable and interchangable, allowing you to customize your hot tub experience.
Polished Stainless Steel Option Available.
Poly Storm Twin Roto
This 3 1/2" jet has an adjustable rotating dual stream for an invigorating massage. This is also interchangeable.
Polished Stainless Steel Option Available.
Cluster Jets
These smaller jets are strategically placed for maximum muscle therapy - clustered together for a subtle yet highly effective massage.
Polished Stainless Steel Option Available.

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