No by-pass filtration! On all Series II Models, 100% of the water that is drawn-in by the circulation pump is filtered, ozonated and heated before returning to the spa. This system will keep your spa crystal clear and ready for use any time.
  1. The water surface is first skimmed while it is being drawn into the filter housing. Large debris is then collected by the filter basket. The water is then micro-cleansed by our 50 sq. ft. no by-pass filter. No by-pass is important because even when the filter gets dirty, the water will not be allowed to “by-pass” the filter, which is common in many other spas on the market.
  2. The water is then directed through our state-of-the-art heater tube, and both entry and exit of the water are monitored by Smart Sensor™ technology. The heater only comes on when the spa temperature drops below the set temperature.
  3. Water is then treated by our ozone purification system, which utilizes an ultraviolet light to rid bacteria and other organics from the water. In addition, this system also features Smart Start™ technology using an electronic ballast which produces more ozone output than traditional ultraviolet systems. To ensure the utmost in cleanliness, ozone treated water is introduced at three different points in the foot well of the spa.
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