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How much will my Spa Crest Hot Tub cost to operate?
Typically, electric hot tubs consume an average of 2650 kwh annually in a single-family home - that's less than an electric heater and a heat pump supplying annual heating and cooling.

What is the safest maximum water temperature?
It is recommended that your spa tempertaure not exceed 104° F.

What is the recommended length of time that I can stay in my spa?
The ASPS recommends a maximum soak time of 15 minutes for adults and 10 minutes for children.

What is the Spa Crest Hot Tub warranty?
10-Year Structure, 5-Year Surface, 2-Year Equipment & Plumbing; this includes parts and labor. The Spa Crest Hot Tub warranty is not pro-rated.

Can it be installed inside or outside?
A spa can be installed indoors or outdoors, although 90%, including those in cold weather climates, are installed outdoors. The two main considerations for installing a spa indoors are: will it fit through the door, and is the structural strength of the flooring adequate. A Spa Crest Hot Tub weighs approximately 4,500 lbs when filled.

Do I need to have any additional plumbing installed?
No, all Spa Crest Hot Tubs are self contained just fill it up with a garden hose.

How often do I clean the spa?
Most manufacturers recommend draining and cleaning your spa no more than 3 or 4 times per year, depending on how frequently you use it and how well you maintain your water.

What type of base does the spa need to be placed on?
The spa must be placed on a firm level surface. We recommend a 4" thick concrete slab with steel reinforcement. A wood deck rated for the weight of the spa, water and people would also be a suitable surface. We recommend speaking to a certified contractor to determine if the deck will handle the load.

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