Thermoform Video
We begin with Lucite® Cast Acrylic
Then add three layers of hand-rolled fiberglass
A layer of foam insulation
And a full, pressure-treated plywood bottom

You see, at Spa Crest, we go above and beyond manufacturing standards to ensure each Hot Tub exceeds your expectations.

But to truly discover how each Hot Tub is molded, we’re providing you with the opportunity to take a rare video glimpse into the high-tech process known as “thermoform.”

Simply click here and you’ll soon behold a video clip of this state-of-the-art process.


All Spa Crest hot tubs are insulated with the ReflectoTherm insulation system.  ReflectoTherm consists of a reflective thermal barrier on the cabinet panels and a layer of high density foam on the shell.  This creates a trapped air space under the spa.  Reflective insulation is designed to contain RADIANT heat. Radiant heat travels through space from a warm surface to a cooler surface. The reflective barrier contains up to 97% of the radiant heat that is generated from the spas equipment and also insulates the spa against cold temperatures.  Regular bulk insulation (fiberglass, foam, etc.) will only contain 10 - 20% of the heat generated by the spa.  Furthermore, bulk insulation will only slow hot and cold transfer it will not block it.  ReflectoTherm insulation system insulates the spa from the outside elements, and creates one of the most efficient spas on the market.

Following, we have gladly provided you with links to the sites of those companies that have contributed to the superior finished product we manufacture for you at Spa Crest. As you’re about to discover, all of these companies are considered leaders in the Spa industry.

By using Lucite® cast acrylic in the manufacturing of our Spas, we are able to offer our customers the enhanced clean of Microban® antimicrobial product protection. An odorless, tasteless and colorless ingredient, Microban® technology is molecularly built-in to the Lucite® acrylic surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors on the surface of your spa, keeping your Hot Tub cleaner between cleanings! For more information please visit ~

With more than 20 years in the industry, Balboa continues to maintain its status as an innovator and industry leader for spa controls and equipment. Known for its pioneering efforts, Balboa is continually inventing new technology to make operating and maintaining your spa more convenient. It’s easy to see why Spa Crest uses Balboa Controls - because we want to offer our customers the very best! For more information please visit ~

Since 1971, Aqua-Flo has been a leading supplier of Pumps for the Leisure Water Industry serving portable spa, jetted tub OEM's (original equipment manufacturers), and swimming pool professionals. Spa Crest uses Aqua-Flo exclusively for the manufacture of our spas. For more information please visit ~

At Spa Crest, we use jets made by an injection-molding manufacturer, Waterway Plastics. Since 1973, this Oxnard, California-based company has established itself as the premier supplier of products to the Pool, Spa, and Bathtub Industries. For more information please visit ~
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